About Us

Ollies Heroes is a charity in memory of our little boy Ollie. We raise money to help children and families who are fighting cancer in East Anglia.

Ollie was one of the bravest little boys fighting Leukaemia 5 years, receiving a Bone Marrow Transplant after we learnt that he had relapsed. Heartbreakingly after what we thought was a successful BMT Ollie gained his wings on September 3rd 2015. We are all heartbroken. That is the simplest form I can put my words to, what he went though no child should have to, he was very very poorly, we were not given good odds that he would survive the treatment as he had Down Syndrome and they weren’t sure his little body would cope with the toxicity of the drugs he needed …. But he did, he managed most of it with a smile and was known as the ward mascot and he loved it!

We were parted from our other children for weeks at a time when we were in Addenbrookes, when he had to go to Bristol for his BMT we were parted for 3 months. It affected our whole family. We would like to help with costs of living in hospital, travelling to and from, parking or just to provide some relief and entertainment to the families and also to help bereaved children who have lost brothers or sisters to this awful disease.

We cannot express our sadness and emptiness we have after losing Ollie but we’re hoping we can do just a little to help families and maybe bring a little light to their fight

Charity number: 1170873